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Improving process yields requires increasing the throughput of quality product. Consistency targets must be achieved despite changes in raw materials, blending practices, reaction characteristics and other process conditions with fluids ranging from Newtonian to non-Newtonian. This presents significant challenges to lab, pilot, and full production environments.

Viscosity is an excellent measure of fluid condition in many processes. It is a clear measure that the correct components have been incorporated into a reaction and that the process is proceeding as expected. Of course the data must be accurate and repeatable at a particular point in the process, regardless of the operator or other characteristics of the measurement.

Cambridge Viscosity helps chemical manufacturers and users monitor and control viscosity in a wide range of operating conditions. Our systems are accurate and reliable, incorporating patented self-cleaning sensors and intuitive software to ensure clear, operator-independent data on product and process quality. Sensors are made in a variety of configurations to easily fit into customer operations to produce statistically verifiable results in processes, quality labs and research laboratories. Our in-line, in-tank and in-lab systems are designed for full scalability and linkage to your research, formulation, pilot and process needs.