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摘要: 石油精炼企业通过在线控制产品粘度,从而提高产品质量和目标,特别是整套粘度控制系统在防爆区域的安装应用,是Cambridge粘度计的一大突破。我们在此提供拉丁美洲最大的精炼厂应用Cambridge的应用实例,希望对中国广大客户提供帮助。您的任何需要,都是我们的成功的目标----苏州泰恩机电公司

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Dear friends ,

      Congratulations for the Chinese New Year !     

       Refineries gain a significant ROI (return on investment) by controlling product viscosity during processing rather than blending after the fact to achieve quality targets. Sometimes this requires the electronics be placed in explosion-proof enclosures to match our explosion-proof sensors. This was the case for the largest South American refiner. Cambridge has dealt with these needs by developing suitable explosion-proof enclosures while allowing full local access to the electronic controls. This is described in this week’s press release, which is attached.


      We appreciate the opportunity to support our customers in China who are in challenging environments with such innovative solutions!